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This innovative marketing program which combines the effectiveness of direct mail with the genius of Google AND Facebook follow-up ads. It does exactly what it says… we deliver your message everywhere and bring you back qualified leads and revenue!


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We Bring More Customers To You

Fetch is an all in one marketing solution that combines traditional direct mail and digital marketing.  We provide a totally new and innovative strategy that maximizes your marketing impact beyond anything else you’ve ever heard of or tried. 

Fetch is direct mail on steroids.  We send highly targeted Direct Mail pieces and then starting following your audience online!

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Mail Tracking

Online Follow-Up Ads

Targeted Facebook Follow-Up Ads

Call Tracking

Looks Cool, but Sounds Expensive!

You will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable Fetch really is - just pennies per piece.  We customize your campaign for your specific business and target audience. Let's have a quick chat to learn more about your business and how Fetch can bring you more leads and more revenue!

We’ve got a really solid presence here in the Inland Empire! We have over 20 years of experience in business development and marketing.
We are confident we can help your business grow.
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