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So let’s come clean. At some point, we’ve all heard the b word. No, not that one. I’m talking about the b in branding. As any business owner could tell you, it’s a constant buzzword thrown around in the business landscape but what does it actually mean, and what does it mean for our local, small business owners?

Branding is a relatively new and modern approach to marketing, and yes there’s a difference, but that’s for another day. By dictionary brand is defined as to “mark indelibly” meaning that when you see it, you immediately know something about it. In the case of business, to brand oneself would mean to have a style, look, culture, ect., that  a client or potential client could easily recognize as part of a specific business.  Here at UpDog, for example,  you’ll know us by our bright blue and super fun green in every aspect of our media and print material. Of course who could forget our dog mascot and catchy slogan, “mark your territory”? Point is, when you see our material, you know it belongs to us. The great thing about branding is that there is all kinds of solutions to speaks for and drive interest in your business.

On the daily, we at UpDog help clients with their branding needs. We do everything from start to finish- of course nothing is ever finished with branding. But how can you start? It truly depends on where you are in your business. Some clients already have a logo and style they’re working with, some need a refresh, and some need a total start from logo to website. One of our recent clients, a performance coach, visited us for just that. We created a new brand look and logo, built a mobile website, managed his social media, and created various print collateral that all fit in his brand. The results have been amazing.

Remember, branding is a way to stand out, be seen, and create a sense of familiarity. There isn’t one solution for everybody. If you’re thinking about branding or have questions where to start, come check out our blue & green office where you are sure to be inspired and get the answers you need.

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