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It’s been a minute. While we hate to start this post like this, we can’t say enough sorries for going a little MIA in the last few weeks. The good news is that it was for a very amazing reason. We were preparing for our first, Let’s Talk Shop! In our last blog post we dived a little behind what the series is, what we plan, and why you should come. Well after much planning, a lot of great design, and a few tacos later it’s finally happened! The event, Let’s Talk Shop: Business Today, took place on Tuesday October 10, 2017 right here in our Colton office. The event kicked off with a killer playlist created by yours truly, some amazing refreshments and of course, some fresh and delicious tacos. Tacos in hand, everyone in attendance was given the chance to float around to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs alike. There was a few dozen beaming faces as jokes, stories, and goals for the discussion were shared. After a sometime, Kacy, our very own Top Dog, opened up the workshop by introducing everyone to the series and starting the dialogue on current and past business marketing and advertising trends. The room, while filled to capacity, stayed quiet and focused while discussing things such as drones, and virtual reality. When the floor opened up for discussion it was a completely different story.

Almost every person in attendance had ideas about the business environment or topics they’d like to discuss. One of the most popular topics of the night was on how to get client referrals. Different business owners in the room shared on what they’ve been doing to get referred, and what practices they would want to use. Kacy brought up excellent ideas for referrals, what has worked for our office, and of course, what the client referral system is evolving into. The discussion was so engaging that our meeting ended running nearly 40 minutes longer than expected and not one person wanted to leave a minute sooner. It was very exciting to see that much community.

All in all, our first workshop was success and we can’t wait to see some old and new faces at our next Let’s Talk Shop, Client Care. The event of course is free for all and will be Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 6:30-7:30 with guest speaker Kim Walden. Until then, we’ll be keeping you posted on all the latest and greatest at UpDog.

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