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Planning, Planning, Promotion

Here at UpDog we tend to be a little social. I mean, if you haven’t already noticed by our lobby’s amazing, bright green statement couches. We like company, what can say?  Loving our clients for us means a lot of event planning and putting together material for those events. While we tend to create work for our clients on the daily for their own events, it’s always especially challenging when it comes to creating things for yourself. These last few weeks we’ve been working on just that. Of course by now you should have heard about Let’s Talk Shop, our upcoming conversational series that aims to help small business grow, and you can probably imagine there’s a lot to do. With only a few weeks away, there’s been flyers made, web pages created, logos designed, banners printed, and even a video filmed. (If you haven’t seen it, you totally should; our web designer Jonathan is happens to be crazy good with the camera and effects.) When it comes to media, we can do it any which way, it’s just getting there that’s hard.

We began this event process perhaps a few months ago, and just to give you a glimpse behind the scenes, it was filled with tons of ideas. Some stuck, some didn’t.  As a small company that prides itself  on being the small business superstore, we want to be here for you, always. With that, if you too are event planning, keep your goals in mind, have a message and purpose, and if you’re struggling bring your stuff over to our store. We do it on the daily. Once you’re all done, don’t worry about anything else, we got your mediums of promotion covered.

Hope to see you at Let’s Talk Shop: Business Today, taking place on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. You know, because we worked pretty hard on it, and we want to share all the success with you.

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