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The Hectic Days

By August 22, 2017Company

It’s almost 7 O’clock. We open at 9 am and close at 5 pm.  In this moment one of our graphic designers was focused on anything else but getting their project done. They had been in since 8 am but that didn’t matter as much as the client. In the print room, decals for a fleet of vans were being printed one by one, as each of the designs was approved and finalized. These are the hectic days. Every business has them. You know, the kinds of days where the work feels endless, the phone keeps ringing, and it seems every person in the building is being pulled a 100 different ways. We would be lying if we said we never had those days, and it just so happens this last week was one of those weeks.

So how do you stay sane? How do you keep up with the workload? Part of it, is of course, having a strong sense of  time management and urgency, hiring the right talent, and more importantly living up to your company’s mission. Here at UpDog, our mission is to make every client excited about their business. Sometimes that means going the extra mile, whether it means staying late, or doing extra work to arrive at the perfect solution. When it’s get rough, you can count on us to commit fully, not for any other reason than we care.

So yes, we have had all-nighters, sorted 2,500 postcards, and taken long car rides on the dreaded 91 for an install, all in the name of our client. And yes, we’ll do it again.

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