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UpDog Media & Highland Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

You wouldn’t know from the dozens of smiling guests, sandwiches and cookies in hand, that there was a freak summer storm outside, it was noon, and that this event was held at, of all things, a place of work. Our place of work. Touring the different office rooms as designers worked on the latest graphics, banners were being printed, and videos edited, Brittany and Noel in matching embroidered shirts, alongside UpDog’s very own “Top Dog”, Kacy Carlsen, led guests through the winding corridors of our marketing and media company. Wednesday, August 2, 2017 marked a special occasion for UpDog as our growing company was welcomed to the Highland Chamber. This moment marks yet another great milestone for us in the one year since opening our doors here at 2233 La Crosse Avenue in Colton. In attendance everyone from small business owners, potential and past clients, and even representatives on behalf of US senator, Mike Morrell, and California Legislature Assembly Member, Marc Steinorth, came despite the time and weird weather.

A highlight for a lot of the guests was seeing Kacy’s office. A fun, warm, and very pink, welcome from the blue and green throughout the building. Decorated with huge gold decals produced on site, and filled with more girly mementos than one’s imagination could conjure, it’s definitely a stop to check out when visiting us.

That being said, our visitors for that day could not deny the family connection that our business brings.

When it was all said and done, the ribbon cut, sandwiches ate, and goodie bags claimed, a lot of guests made sure to tell us we were going to be their next stop for their future needs. It was a lot of “thank you’”s and “thanks for having us” and to that we say, the doors are always open. 9 to 6 that is.  Consultations are always FREE!

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