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I think it’s safe to say the weather has been a little strange this summer. When we say a little, we mean very, and Thursday August, 31st was of course no exception. The month just had to end with a bang, a strike of lightening really. Our office was affected by said, weird weather. When Tom, Larry, and Wolfgang, our usual building early birds pulled up to the office, they soon realized the lightning had caused a power outage that affected much of the Colton area. As everybody continued to come in there was simply no way to work from inside the building. A half an hour of wait time, soon turned into nearly an hour and a half, with everyone mostly panicking over their lack of caffine fix for the day.  The local Starbucks had been affected.

Hopeful for the power to come back on, a little lost without coffee, and starting to feel the heat as the morning wore on, the team soon found themselves having a marketing meeting at an IHOP four miles over. Over coffee, eggs, and bacon, everyone discussed their action plans for the day. Just because there was no electricity, didn’t mean we couldn’t do a little homework. And so it was, everyone went home for the day and worked out of home.

This morning we came back into our office, the lights were back on, the fire across the street gone, but even better: every email was replied to, approved work ready for print, and client followed up on. It just goes to show you that when lightning literally strikes, and there is a fire across from our office, we’re still going to be there for you. It’s just the way we are.  Also, thanks Stan, for IHOP.

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