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Who doesn’t love a Holiday Bonus?

It’s that time of year when the “bonuses” are being passed out and you are wondering, am I getting one this year?

Great news, you are getting one! Now you don’t have to be left out, you can celebrate too!

This is not just any old bonus though, these are Bonus Bucks.  Never heard of them before?  Well here is how it works….

1.  Market Your Business in 2020

Well, this sounds easy already.  You are going to market your business in 2020, right?  And, you already know that you going to continue to or start doing business with UpDog in 2020. Everyone else is doing it (no peer pressure of course) and you definitely don’t want to be left out of working with our amazing creative team. That would be just dreadful.  Who else would you choose as your marketing partner when we make it so easy to get everything you need for your 2020 marketing campaigns all at ONE location?  So, since you plan on having a marketing budget (aka spending money) with us already, the next steps are basically a no brainer.

2.  Pay Ahead and Save

When you pay ahead (put money on the account and get store credit) we will give you BONUS credits!  Say what now?!?!  Yes, its actually FREE money!  Remember, we established in step 1 that you were already planning on spending this money anyway, so by paying ahead, you are getting EXTRA BONUS money!  See, told you no brainer. You can use your bonus bucks for anything you want!  Vehicle wraps, business essentials, apparel, promotional products, new signs, you name it!

3.  Choose Your Amount & Let Us Know

You can pay ahead as little as $100 and up to $3,000.  The more you pay ahead the more bonus bucks you get!  Super simple, right?  Just choose your amount and let us know by stopping by for a visit (we love seeing you), email us or call us and we will get you all set up and ready to start marketing for 2020!

But wait there is more…this is just money on your account waiting to be used. No products and services have been discounted, YET!  The great thing about this offer is that you can still take advantage of any other promotions we run throughout 2020! 

If You Add: We’ll Add:
$100.00 – $199.99  Prepaid Credits To Your Account 10% To Your Total Prepaid Credits
$200.00 – $399.99 Prepaid Credits To Your Account 15% To Your Total Prepaid Credits
$400.00 – $999.99  Prepaid Credits To Your Account 20% To Your Total Prepaid Credits
$1000 – $3000     Prepaid Credits To Your Account 25% To Your Total Prepaid Credits


If you added $100 Prepaid Credits to your billing account, we’ll add an additional 10% ($10) for a total credit of $110.

Or if you added $650 Prepaid Credits to your billing account, we’ll add an additional 20% ($130) for a total credit of $780.


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Now for the FINE PRINT

  • The Bonus Bucks Promo is only valid for the month of December and expires on 12/31/19.
  • The maximum prepaid credit amount allowed per client is $3000.
  • All prepaid credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Prepaid credits will be applied to new invoices as they’re generated.
  • Prepaid credits are not applied to pending or open invoices.
  • All credits must be used by 12/31/2020.
  • This offer is valid for current clients only in good standing with no past due invoices.

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